Viability of Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit

As I’m sure a common issue among Nonprofits is the multitude of disparate software solutions available to us. None of which talk to the others extraordinarily well. This results in needing to keep several databases, all of which are near impossible to keep up-to-date.

Our organization has been using DonorPerfect for quite some time, and although it does a fine job with tracking Donors, we have ‘forced’ it to work for tracking our participants and volunteers as well. Unfortunately it falls a bit short in those last two categories.

We have decided that we’d like to at least begin entertaining the idea of leveling up our database. We hired a consulting firm, which in so many words, suggested we switch over to Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit.

I’ve been doing a ton of research on this software solution and implementing trial versions of it before we pull the trigger. I’d just like to say that, so far, I really like what I see! However, it’s pretty new, and therefore reservations exist. I am reaching out to this community to see if there are any other non-profits that have entertained the idea of using this software, or even better, have made the leap and adopted it already.

I’m specifically interested in the following ‘add-ons’.

-Volunteer Management
-Volunteer Engagement (Complete with volunteer portal)
-Fundraising and Engagement

And for those that are unaware of these solutions follow these links to view Microsoft’s Demo videos on each package. Each demo is about 5 minutes long. Click the link, then follow the ‘watch demo’ button.

Volunteer Management and Engagement

Fundraising and Engagement

We already use Microsoft Products, be it Teams or Office 365/Office Pro. Wouldn’t it be nice to incorporate into a system that talks among all areas of the organization seamlessly, be it finance, donors, participants, or volunteers? Is Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit that answer? What say you?

Finally, it does seem like the licensing is extraordinarily fair. Although, I’ll admit that seems to be one of the hardest things to figure out…licensing and what the final cost will actually be.

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