Looking for best CRM system with integrated email marketing

Hi there,

I am wondering what other non-profits are using for their CRM database and email marketing. Currently we use Bloomerang with a basic subscription, and are considering upgrading to Kindful Fundraising Tools with our Bloomerang database, but wanted to see what else might be a competitor to that! We want to have the email marketing integrated with the database but to be fully customizable.
Thanks so much.

Katie Reams, PLWA

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Katie, there are a lot of good systems out there. We use NeonOne as our CRM with Mailchimp integration. Tylyn or Kate could tell you more about how we leverage those. Bloomerang is an affiliate member, and I know many orgs have been pleased with their product.

Michael, Thanks for the info! I’ve talked a bit with Kate and think we will stick with Bloomerang for the coming year. Appreciate your response

I’m also looking into CRM options and recently learned about Wild Apricot. Does anyone else have experience with this company? I’m looking for something to provide a membership site and event registration.

We used to use Wild Apricot, but it is very limited and we were better served by Neon One

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