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Hello Marketing Afficionados!

I’ve come across a nice handful of what I’m calling “nonprofit friendly” companies, and I wanted to share this info with the Montana nonprofit community. While I do not overuse the “nonprofit card”, it’s true that if you don’t ask, the answer is no. “Do you offer a nonprofit discount?” is a question I’m getting good at asking. (Of course, the discount is even sweeter when offered before I even ask.)

My list below is of companies I’ve done business with (mostly for work / day job), so I’ve personally experienced the discount. Please comment with your lists of nonprofit discounts, too, even if you can’t remember off-hand what the percentage is. TIA : )

Weebly (.com)
Constant Contact
Vista Print (I called C/S with questions, and they offered the discount when I mentioned we were a nonprofit)
Canva Pro - FREE for nonprofits! (Thank you, Kate Arpin!)
Silhouette - offers a 20% educator discount for teachers & nonprofits who work with schools/kids
Personalize It! (Bozeman) - laser cutting, name badges, anything you want personalized

Jennifer Brekke
School Services of Montana


Following along so I can get all the discounts in my inbox :blush:

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Adobe offers a nonprofit discount for their Adobe Creative Suite


Awesome list, Jennifer!
We have a number of member discounts on products like grant software, digital reports, unemployment insurance alternatives. They can be found here - Products and Services - Montana Nonprofit Association

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Thanks Jessica! I’m a big fan of all things Adobe, so I’ll definitely check to see if we are getting that discount at our organization.

Thank you, Tylyn! I’ll send that info to my Director.

I just published this blog about DIY design tools and remembered this thread and wanted to share it! A lot of it is free resources in general but it does have a link to Canva for Nonprofits which is a free Pro Account for nonprofits. I hope this is helpful!

How To DIY: Graphic Design For Nonprofits

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At the National Council Confab last week, I learned that ESRI - GIS Mapping software is available to nonprofits for just $100 per year!!

It sounds super nerdy but we used it a TON in the water/conservation world and it is SO COOL. Their story maps are a wonderful, interactive way to put time & place context on your mission. Plus they have really interesting data sets for the US - a great way to get spatial perspective for mission & policy work.

Check it out here: Nonprofit Software Pricing Program

I’m also hoping I can get them to do a webinar demonstration soon. I think MNA members will love it (I can’t be the only map nerd in Montana, right??).