Time Tracking Solutions?

Hello All!

We are looking to switch how we track our time for payroll, whether it be general hours as well as project tracking for grants, etc. I was wondering if anyone has any good suggestions other than just a customized excel sheet (which we currently use). Thanks!

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Not sure what features you’re looking for, but in the past I have used Toggl and LOVED it. There’s a free version, but it’s probably worth paying for a team account.

It has the ability to track time and categorize it based on task, project, and client. It also has a desktop app, a mobile app, and a Chrome extension so you can track wherever you / however you work. It also has integrations with planning software - so if you happen to use a tool for project planning/task management you could potentially link them.

LOL I feel like a Toggl salesperson now. It’s probably too in depth for a lot of people but a good option if you’re really looking for features!

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Hey Kate,

Thank you for the suggestion. I am playing around with Toggl right now and it might be what we need! Appreciate the quick response. :slight_smile:

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If you use QuickBooks Online for Accounting, QBTime is a great add-on. That’s what we use at MNA.
Their info page and demos.


I just stared using Harvest and I like it so far. It also has free and paid versions.