Employee Handbook

Hi - I’m interested in making some revisions to some areas of our employee handbook items and would love some examples of other MT Non-profit organization handbook. Would anyone be willing to share or interested in collaborating?

Our Employee Handbook is very minimal, I think around 8 pages. We used a template a couple of years ago, but just recently had an HR expert review it. The HR expert was able to make a few needed changes and make a few suggestions for us. I would be able to share our handbook with you but it may not be as robust as the one you are currently using. Please let me know. scchotfed@gmail.com.


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MNA will be hosting an employee handbook training this February, will share the link to register once it’s up.

I also came across this resource, it’s a comprehensive HR Calendar, seems like a useful tool for keeping all things HR and Admin sorted: 2023 HR Compliance Calendar | Nonprofit HR | Nonprofit HR

Child Care Resources’ handbook was reviewed about a year ago by a lawyer. Cover’s a lot of
important topics. I’m happy to send it to you. I don’t see how I can attach it here. email me and I’ll send it - krosenleaf@childcareresources.org