Overtime Rules Change

The Overtime Rules Change will go into effect July 1st.
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DOL resources here.

This has the potential to impact EDs and other leadership team members making less than the new qualifying amount, $43,888 on July 1 and then $58,656 on January 1. While the blog above shares options for navigating this change, we know it’s a topic of conversation.

How is your organization planning to navigate this?
What resources do you need?
How can we help advocate for increased funding to meet new salary thresholds?

I am curious if anyone has staff that travel extensively for whom you need to manage overtime. We want to make sure we can still do our work, and pay our staff for it, but we couldn’t pay for around the clock work. What do you count as work time? What doesn’t count? Do you have to limit the amount of travel overall? These are big shifts for the type of work we do.

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Curious what others use - here is what Montana DOL has for guidelines on travel time: Travel Time

It doesn’t really talk about nights spent over in other locations, just time “in travel”.