DEI at MNA - a discussion thread

MNA is committed to centering belonging and equity in our work. We believe that our work to serve our members and uplift the nonprofit sector in Montana will be stronger when all nonprofits in Montana see themselves in MNA.

You can read our Values Statement here, and follow our DEI progress on our blog, Building Belonging.

Part of our commitment to DEI means being open about the work we are doing, and being open to feedback both positive and negative. We know that as we work to build a more inclusive association, we will make mistakes. We encourage questions and challenges; we hope you’ll share parts of your own journey, and that you’ll let us know if and when we are off base. We invite you to hold us accountable to our stated values.

Use this thread as a public space for discussions around MNA’s (or your own!) DEI work. If you’re not comfortable sharing publicly, you can also email us directly at, or fill out our anonymous DEI Feedback form.

Thank you!


We just posted a new blog about our efforts to center belonging and equity at conference. You can read it here. Please let us know if you have any comments, or other suggestions for making conference more inclusive!

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New blog post alert! @MNA_Adam wrote about our process for creating compensation bands at MNA. Check it out here: