Development Member Call - resources, chat, questions

Hi folks! Here will be our standing post for resources, questions, chat stemming from our monthly development call. Please feel free to post here and check after meetings for resources!

January 25 meeting resources & links:
Are there covid funds left for nonprofits? Who could say. Accessing Remaining COVID-Relief Funds Before It Is Too Late | National Council of Nonprofits

Lots of upcoming development-focused MNA trainings: Learning - Montana Nonprofit Association

Sign up for MCF’s newsletter for exciting upcoming grant news: Montana Community Foundation : Sign Up to Stay in Touch

Sign up for your FREE board portal here: MyBoardPacket - Montana Nonprofit Association

February 22 meeting resources & links:
Chany’s website:
Development planning worksheet: Fund Development Team - Google Docs

AI-assisted grantwriting platform and training (MNA has not used but we are interested to hear if you have):

Board fundraising menu ideas: (Personally, this feels a little too wordy - I would likely group them into themes like ‘Thank Donors’ and put bulleted options below for things like ‘make 5 calls a month’ or ‘write thank you notes’, etc.)
10 Basic Responsibilities of Board Members Explained | GPG

Claire from Seeley Lake Community Foundation also shared this awesome grant opportunity for organizations serving women and girls! Women's Foundation of Montana | Apply for Funding