Chat GPT - AI & Marketing

Lately I’ve been exploring using Chat GPT for some of my marketing & comms tasks. So far most of what I’ve used it for is to jumpstart basic marketing copy for upcoming events, by prompting it to write call to action paragraphs, email subject lines, etc. The copy isn’t always great, but I have found that it gives me a useful starting point that I can edit to sound more human and more like MNA.

I’ve seen other people use these tools for setting their daily task list or schedule, even someone that told it what food they didn’t like and then asked for a meal plan! :laughing:

Is anyone else using Chat GPT or another AI tool for your work/life/whatever? Or thinking about using it?

I’m interested to hear your thoughts, experiences, and hot tips if you have them.


I would love to see a demo of this in our Marketing and Communications Affinity Group meetings!

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Agreed, Andi! I’m thinking of this as a topic for our June meeting. Hoping I can find an expert who can talk about some ideas for using AI bots in comms

Looking forward to it!

I’ve been using Chat GPT to help me write my monthly blog. It’s a small piece in my communication strategy that can take me 3-4 hours a month to draft, edit and post – which feels like a lot. The last couple of months, I’ve been experimenting with having Chat GPT create a draft for me based on the topics I come up with. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get the right concept, but it’s neat how accurate and informative it can be. I still usually spend about an hour editing the blog for clarity, accuracy and brand voice and adding my own thoughts, but it helps this task feel much more manageable for me. It’s a good starting point.

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Love this idea Margo! I’m finding that using AI as a draft builder or a starting place is super helpful. The editor in my heart would much rather take a red pen to bad writing than stare at a blank page. :rofl:

Hi all - curious if anyone has ventured into using Manychat ( Looks like it can help automate DM messages on social accounts! and might boost posts by inviting more comments as well!