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We had a great conversation today in the Marketing & Comms affinity group about podcasts. One of our members is thinking about starting a podcast in 2023.

Has anyone else had experience with a podcast? Looking for ideas, resources, recommendations, estimates of time commitment, equipment, etc - if anyone has info, or anyone else also interested in podcasting, post here!

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Thanks, Kate! And, thank you all in advance for any suggestions/tips/best practices for launching a brand new podcast. This land trust’s podcast is my inspiration for taking this project on -

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Hey everyone! I co-created a podcast for Adventure Cycling Association. Happy to answer any questions and sorry I missed the roundtable discussion!

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I’m also doing a video/podcast series about MT women in tech starting in January. Any ideas and platform suggestions would be extremely helpful I know someone that uses zencaster, but I’m not sure that’s the the right platform for us, additionally, I’m not sure about hosting on our own site versus using something else. All suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hi @jzephyrs! I’d be interested to hear what kind of equipment someone would need to get started, and an estimated budget!

Sure thing! For equipment, my coproducer and I used a Blue Yeti Mic ($85) and pop screen ($20) for the host/narrator, fairly nice lav mics (~$130 each) to mail to storytellers/interviewees (~$20 per interview for mailing costs), Adobe audition for recording voiceover and for editing (no idea what this costs), Buzzsprout for podcast hosting services (monthly cost depends on how much audio you’re uploading), Blue Dot Sessions for music ($450 annual fee), and Zencastr for recording the interviews (which I think is free now?). As you can probably tell, we had a pretty high production and audio quality for our podcast.

Beyond these things, budget really depends on who is being paid for the different parts of producing a podcast: host, producer, storytellers, engineers, designers, etc.


Thanks so much! Do you outsource your editing to another business? I think I remember hearing that, but wasn’t sure if it was your organization. Curious how much that costs. Thanks!

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Stephanie, Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Montana would also be a good organization to talk to! I recently learned that they have a podcast (which is wonderful). I believe they have someone else do the editing, so they may have a contact they could share with you.