Welcome Marketing & Comms Affinity Group

Hello Marketing & Comms group members! Welcome to the MNA Connect community forum.

This is the spot where we’ll post agendas & resources for our monthly group calls.

Please let us know you’re here by replying to this thread with your name and…either your favorite/least favorite comms task OR the subject line from your most recently sent marketing email.

I’ll go first. I’m Kate Arpin and…“We’re Heating Up”. Welcome.

My name is Cassy Springer and my least favorite comms task is the newsletter :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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ah, Cassy, I feel you there. (yes, I’m currently putting ours together). The content curation is the worst for me, followed quickly by sitting down to write the introduction.

Anybody out there have resources for how to curate & manage newsletter content that doesn’t involve 10,000 emails in my inbox??

Notice to Marketing & Comms group members: our April 2023 call is canceled, as it coincides with MNA’s Fundraising Summit. If you can join us in Helena for the summit, we’d love to see you!

We’ll be back next month for a chat with @Phil from Cultivate about some basic marketing best practices!

Hello! Jessica Tubbs here. I work for Shepherd’s Hand Free Clinic & Volunteer Caregiving in Whitefish, MT. I just moved to this role after being our volunteer coordinator for the past 8 years. As such, I don’t have any least favorite comms tasks… yet! :grinning:


Welcome to the community forum, Jessica!

Hello Marketing & Comms group!

Please join us for the monthly MNA Communications & Marketing group call, this Thursday, October 12, at 10:00 am MST.

This month we’ll be joined by Veronica Lusetti, Emily Swenson, and Jan Cunningham of ESRI. They’ll be demonstrating their super cool online mapping software, and several use cases for nonprofits. This is a tool that I’ve used and loved in the past for conservation nonprofits, but I think it has a ton of applications both for internal analysis and external communications for all kinds of missions. They’ll give a short demonstration of the tools, then we’ll have plenty of time for discussion and brainstorming ways you can use it.

Here’s the link to join: Meeting Registration - Zoom.

Hope to see you Thursday!

For those that missed the October Marketing & Comms call - you can check out the recording here! The team from ESRI gave us a great overview of some of the features of their software and some ideas of how nonprofits of all shapes & missions could use it.

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