Press Release Example Thread!

Hi all! I was hoping to start a thread where folks could share previous examples of press releases they’ve sent out. Bonus if you can include any press that was distributed as a result!

Thanks @MNA_Kate and @Leandra_MNA for sharing your expertise last week!


Thanks for creating a post, @hkosel !

For those that missed last week’s call, here’s the recording:

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For those who weren’t able to make the call last week - we’d love to hear your press release tips and/or questions!

Here’s one I wrote a while back that was picked up by the Missoulian. Spring in his step: UM student recognized with volunteer award

Here’s a recent one that was picked up by NBC. They shortened it a ton.

Here are some others I wrote at my previous job: Baucus Institute Receives $800K to Build Programs, Access
UM Public Affairs Graduate Program Improves Ranking
UM Law School Rises 31 Spots in National Ranking
UM Law Ranked No. 7 Best Value School in Nation (distributed by ABC UM School of Law ranked no. 7 best value school in nation)
UM Law Graduate Employment Rate Climbs to 94% Despite Pandemic
UM Law School Ranked No. 4 Nationally for Affordability
UM Law Ranks No. 5 Nationally for Clerkship Placements
Bankruptcy Judge Helps UM Law Students Gain Practical Experience
Law Student Uses Fellowship to Advocate for Workplace Justice
New UM Department of Public Administration Programs Address Workforce Needs
UM’s Master of Public Administration Ranked Fifth in the Country


Here’s another one I wrote at Homeword that wasn’t picked up. I’m sure we didn’t get the information out there early enough.

Thank you for sharing these Andi!