Sabbatical Policy for Employees

Could you share with me what type of Sabbatical Policies you are seeing out there currently? Specifically regarding the following items:

  • Commitment to stay with organization after, and if you don’t you must repay salary paid during sabbatical?
  • length with organization to be eligible for sabbatical?
  • what percentage of pay is covered during sabbatical?


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Great question - we’ve seen this from a few organizations and we’ll send them here to share. Here is MNA’s current sabbatical policy:


The Board of Directors may offer a paid sabbatical to full-time employees for exceptional service upon completion of at least five (5) years of consecutive service.

Only one (1) employee may take a sabbatical at a time. Only two (2) employees may take sabbatical within one calendar year.

Requests for sabbaticals must be submitted to the Executive Director at least 3 months prior to the proposed date. The proposal must include a development plan for personal or professional growth and/or rejuvenation. The Executive Director will share the proposal with the Board of Directors along with a recommendation. The recommendation may be for approval, denial, or may suggest modifications to the plan.

A sabbatical may be taken for up to 4 weeks (16 business days) of time including holidays.

Employees will continue to receive full pay and benefits during the sabbatical. Employees may be eligible to extend their approved sabbatical to 12 weeks (3 months) using accrued vacation leave and unpaid leave.

Following a sabbatical, employees are eligible for additional sabbaticals for each subsequent 5 years of employment.

Employees who leave employment within 4 months of completing their sabbatical must repay their salary and benefits during the sabbatical. Employees who leave employment between 4 and 12 months of completing their sabbatical must repay 50% of their salary and benefits during the sabbatical.

Employees will not be paid out for any unused sabbatical time upon departing employment.