Is a hot dog a sandwich?

This is a very important question, and we need your opinions!

Contrary to USDA opinions, no. No it is not.

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If it’s not a sandwich, is it a taco?

But…is a taco a sandwich?

IMO, a hot dog is a sausage, and when presented on a bun, it is a sausage sandwich.

Definitely a sandwich!


Technically, according to the dictionary definition, a hot dog could be a sandwich. A taco would not be because it’s made with a tortilla, not bread. How would you feel about seeing a hot dog as a sandwich special at a cafe, though?

Is chili a soup then? Personally, I find it annoying when chili is presented as the soup du jour.


you’ve opened a new can of (soup), Andi! I don’t even know what chili is if not a soup?!